Politics, Elections, Voting

Politics, Elections and Voting


Bob has written extensively on elections, campaigns and voting in the United States. Since 2002, he has worked with the U.S. League of Women Voters on a number of projects, including the League's signature publication -- its book on the presidential election process, "Choosing the President."  Bob revised the 2004 and 2008 editions of "Choosing the President," and has written articles, brochures and booklets for the League as well.  For a review of "Choosing the President 2008" in the January 2008 Library Journal, click here.


Some examples of Bob's writing on U.S. elections and politics:


The Cancellation of Democracy

In 2003, in an op-ed published in The Baltimore Sun, Bob discussed the prospect that several 2004 presidential were at risk of being canceled -- for budgetary and for partisan political reasons. Read the op-ed here.


The Florida Fiasco

For the book "Choosing the President 2004," Bob wrote a succinct and balanced summary of the complicated and confusing aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, focusing on the Florida recount. To read it, click here.