Health and Lifestyle

Outside the Beltway . . .

Beyond politics and policy, Bob has written on health, travel, Washington traffic and other aspects of modern life. He also for seven years edited The George Washington University Magazine, a general interest magazine.  



Bob wrote "Downsizing," which ran as the lead article in the Washington Post Health section. It's a comprehensive, personal and wry look at why people tend to get shorter as they get older.


Now You See, Now You Don't  Retinal detachment comes on like a flash -- if you know the warning signs, you can prevent damage to your vision. If you don't, you could lose big-time. Bob's piece on this little-understood eye problem appeared in the Washington Post Health section in June 2008.


Paradise Lost? Bethesda's Future

Bethesda, Md., is a great place to live -- prosperous, chic, lively, yet safe. But can that quality of life survive the population growth and urbanization that's transforming the area? Published in Bethesda Magazine, July-August 2009.


A Cure for Washington Traffic

This column takes an ironic and distinctly New York-style  look at why Washington traffic is so bad. "Here's Your Traffic Fix!" ran in April 2007 in The Washington Post.


Travel: Back to the Stone Age

An invitation to explore Malta, a Mediterranean island with mysterious prehistoric temples, fortresses that held off the Nazis, and some of the most reasonable prices in Europe. "Back to the Stone Age" was published in Transatlantic Times in 2004.